4.00 - 6.00pm

with Franziska Glozer and all who want

To all persons who wish to perform a solo scene for the radio.

The project Art Entertainment and Desire launches on 17 June 2012 the mobile radio recording studio le désir which is touring with a bus through the three-country-area.

On 17 June from 4..00 - 6.00pm everybody is invited to use the microphones,


Bus stop Kleinhünigen, 4.30pm
Marketplace Saint Louis, 5.00pm
Mittlere Brücke Basel, 5.30pm

The show will be broadcast live on or can be downloaded as podcast from the website:

I don't mean it like that.

SOLO SCENES's the title, that's the only thing I need to say. No youtube, no facebook, no Andy Warhol's 10-minutes-of-fame, at any rate not like those you'll find around museums. Correctly spoken, this is a Warhol' kind of moment. It would be definitely more consequent to just admit it - and go with it. Exhibitionistic and then, again, how brainless. Blinding like-minded. Like everywhere else they would just pass on without seeing a thing. Not me - and back to the studio, let's compose ourselves. For the microphone, for the tape and for the sake of just listening to your own voice. What it says, on which you linger and which - who knows - you still be listening to, afterwards. It can be erotic, but all the better. A piece of tape, that belongs to you, like a musical box, like a precious piece of art.
You don't have to do more than this and digitally it can be blown out everywhere in the air. But this moment at the microphone belongs to you, you can do with it whatever you want.
Without questions you voice is rarely asked for, exceptionally, maybe, in those 10 minutes. Speak them don't make them ridiculous. This is a SOLO SCENE, or could be, if I say so.