6.00pm - open end

with Clare Kenny and guests

'Speech Karaoke' was originally conceived as one part of a larger exhibition ‘In-situ’ that took place in 2010 at the Kunsthalle Luzern. This exhibition offered an insight into the considerations and working methods of the participating artists and the processes of exhibition creation. Rather than exhibiting finished artworks in the Kunsthalle the artists were asked to provide reference materials such as images, books and names of people they found influencial. These personal archives were then presented in three areas. A picture wall, a library and a Speakers corner (Speech Karaoke). In the Speakers corner a microphone and a selection of speeches were available for visitors to choose from and read out for themselves. The speeches are from a variety of people who were suggested by the artists ranging from Hans Ulrich Obrist to Aung San Suu Kyi.

'Speech Karaoke' haas been invited during the official Art Basel project space night to the radiobus le désir.
We will drive you from space to space and if you wish, feel free to look through the speeches and choose one to read out in radio.