6.00 - 7.00pm

with Michèle Robecchi and guests

The Stickup Went South' is a radio play written by Michele Robecchi and Jago Pallabazzer originally performed in 1988. It is the first chapter of more comprehensive body of work called 'The Bat-Man Trilogy', and it consists of a mockery/tribute to the audio dramas that were very prior to the invention of television in the 1950s. By relying heavily on music, dialogues, and sound effects, 'The Stickup Went South' leaves plenty of room to the imagination of the viewer while mixing a group of fictional and actual characters. On the occasion of 'Art Entertainment and Desire', 'The Stickup Went South' will be performed by the authors along with a group of improvised actors casted during Art Basel week.

Michele Robecchi is a writer and curator based in London. Jago Pallabazzer is a writer based in Milan.