3.00 - 5.00pm

with Bohdan Stehlik, Danny Exnar

The bus drives up the casino. A man in black takes a cage with rats into the bus.
After, the bus drives by the most important location of the banking sector. In the meanwhile the man in black reads extracts from the book 'Theory of Games and Economic Behavior' to the rats. The voice of the reader and the squeaking of the rats are transmitted by loudspeakers to the outside. The tour ends at the 'three country garden' where the rats are set free.

-Airportcasino Basel
Flughafenstrasse 22

-Ehemaliges UBS Ausbildungszentrum
Viaduktstrasse 33

-Bank for International Settlements
Centralbahnplatz 2

-Zweitsitz Bank for International Settlements

-Ehemalige Börse Basel


-Bank Sarasin
Elisabethenstrasse 62

-UBS Ausbildungszentrum
Gartenstrasse 9

-Drei Länder Garten