9.00 - 23.00pm

with Una Szeemann, Danny Exnar, the King Tongue

Guests are seated in the bus. The bus takes off. Danny Exnar, a professional actor, starts to read. His lulling voice fascinates the audience. But the text he is reading are dreams, absurd stories, without any context, one after another.
The dream is an intimate, very personal scenery, that speaks of an impenetrable world and produces indefinable images. A dimension with limitless visual and dramatic possibilities.
The impossibility to formulate what exactly happens in a dream can be experienced by the texts and so the actual idea of communication is lead ad absurdum.
The bus drives its rounds through the city until the harbour area - there the band 'the king tongue' are standing lonely at the sidewalk. They start to play as the bus comes closer. The song they are playing is an echo, an amalgam of all the heard dreams.
The tour ends at the 'Seemannskeller', a place where old sailors meet and talk about their heroic deeds, show framed memories or whatever else they have perpetuated on their tattooed arms.